February Deal

Salam and morning!
As mentioned earlier, for this month’s purchase of Noktah Terjahit, we have prepared some surprises for you:

Since it’s a surprise, we can’t tell what exactly it is, but we can give a few clues:

1- cute, florals
2- carry stuffs
3- button

So here’s the deal:
Purchase at least 2 copies of Noktah Terjahit, and you’ll get your surprise delivered with your books, inshaAllah!

Limited to 5⃣ early buyers only. But wait, if you buy 3/above, you don’t have to worry about the postage cost, cuz we’ll get you covered! (in other words, free postage nationwide yayy)

To make things easy, we’ll list some basic prices for your reference:

1 copy of Noktah Terjahit:
RM25 + delivery cost (SM RM8 | SS RM11)

2 copies of Noktah Terjahit:
RM50 + delivery cost (SM RM8 | SS RM11)

3 copies of Noktah Terjahit:


Oh, not to forget, your order is customised (quite highly) based on the form that you’ll submit on our website. Meaning, the author of Noktah Terjahit will write you wishes, prayers, and some words, upon your own request, and in regards to what you yourself write in the form.

So make sure you write clearly and sincerely ok? What goes around, always, comes around! :blush:

How to buy?
Simply tap here dukkanmaya.com/buat-pesanan to place your order.

Have a good day people,
Fi hifziLlah!




February Deal


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